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4D Ultrasound

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The 4-D experience allows you and your family to bond with your upcoming new addition.

You’ll be astounded by the high clarity of our cutting-edge GE Voluson Ultrasound System. Hands down, the leader in 4D Technology. The best time for an elective ultrasound is in the second and third trimesters. Both offer new and exciting details. Many of our guests like to start early and come back again later in the pregnancy to see the developments as their baby grows. If you choose to only have one ultrasound, the recommended time is between weeks 26 -34. We are usually able to get good shots on full term moms as well.

We are all about the experience and quality of your visit. This is a special time and believe in a special visit with us. We take time to work with difficult babies and give a free re-scan to the ones that just don’t cooperate. We have very large viewing screens so everyone will have a great view of the baby. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Comfortable seating for 15+ people. 99.9% accurate gender checks at week 13 and later. Our sonographers can help with any needed measurements to pinpoint due date, conception date, weight, position of baby. We listen to AND record the baby’s heart beat to your DVD and even make audio clips for your phone. We want all our mommies to have a wonderful ultrasound experience.

Gender At 6 Weeks Announcement
  • Memorable Experience

    • Cozy, comfortable, relaxing environment
    • Luxurious memory foam bed for Mommy
    • Heated blankets & ultrasound gel
  • Bring Family and Friends

    • 100” viewing screen
    • Ultrasound theater seats 15 comfortably
    • DVD, CD, thumb drive options
  • Share the Experience

    • Gender reveal parties
    • Heartbeat stuffed animals
    • Maternity & newborn photography
    • Pregnancy Safe Spa Services
  • Service like No Other

    • Military discounts
    • 99.9% accuracy on gender, week 13+
    • On site photo printing/collages
  • Instant Access

    Instant access to your baby’s photos and video clips via smart phone/PC

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