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I got my ultrasound done with Vegas Baby 4D Ultrasound and it was awesome! The images were so much more detailed than when I got a 4D ultrasound from a local diagnostic place. It was MUCH more comfortable as well. It was a relaxed atmosphere and I didn't have to crank my neck to see the screen - it was right in front of me projected on the wall. I got to see my baby wave at me, yawn, and move around. We were also able to clearly see that we're having a boy. It was truly a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I didn't just rely on the diagnostic ultrasounds because this was so much better.
~Gina Watkins

I must say that I don’t think any woman who is pregnant should go through the entire 9 months, without having this done. I wish that I had known about it a little sooner during my pregnancy so that I could have had at least one more session with Brandy ! I had the ultrasound done two weeks before I was due... And it was amazing!! Being able to actually see a "photo-like" image of your unborn baby is so incredible. The session was very successful and totally worth it. I showed so many people and STILL show so many people and their mouths just drop. I never thought that technology would be so advanced, but it is, and I love it. The cost is so reasonable... In fact I thought it would have been so much more expensive. Besides the ultrasound (which by the way is very comfortable), They included a little gift bag filled with several useful coupons, still shots of the ultrasound, and put the entire thing onto a disc!! I had the disc copied and handed them out at my baby shower and I have another one in my daughters baby book so that she can watch it when she's older, and hopefully show her children!! The ultrasound was awesome. The room is beautiful, the screen is HUGE, and you can invite many people to join you for that spectacular experience!! I encourage everyone to do it!!
~Jennifer Miranda

Dear Brandy,
     Thank you so much for the 4D ultrasound of our little baby,  Grace!  It was so much fun to actually see her face, fingers, hands, toes, and feet before she was born.  As soon as we saw her little face we immediately thought she looked just like her older brother, Jake.  It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to other parents.  My eight year old daughter and four year old son thought it was really cool, too.  I wish the 4D ultrasound was available when I was pregnant with them.

Thank you.
Jennie Kies and Family
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